Great News!!!!


I've been updating my collection on VIDA and now you can order "Tightrope Rose," "The Little Mermaid," and "Little Red" on a T-shirt.  This is the now the ONLY way you can have "Tightrope Rose" and "The Little Mermaid" since they are out of print.  There is a link to my collections page on my previous post.  

Also, I have printed some new work in the past couple of months: Thumbelina and Phantom of the Opera.  I printed the phantom work on a lovely paris print fabric which I love!!! The print will go on sale at the next ACE event in May or sooner if I can get into Downtown Santa Ana's art walk.  I hope to upload pictures of my latest prints soon, so don't forget to come back later and check them out!

Lastly, a design idea for the Swan Princess just came to me last night so I will be getting started on that soon.  It will be a addition to the fairytale collection so expect the same format.  I should have it all printed and ready for sale at May's ACE event so look forward to it!