Hello everyone,

So I checked out what it would be like if I were to sell work at Long Beach Comic Con and I was very surprised at how expensive it is.  They want like $650 for that small space where you have 1 10ft table and chairs.  I mean, yeah it's a big convention like any other and it's for both days and the exposure is great, but I can't just throw down that much money like it's no big deal.  Looks like I've got a long way to go before I can start selling at a convention, but that just means I have to work harder!!!!!  I will eventually make it!

Also I have this awesome Phantom of the Opera design that I would like to print, but I want to make it bigger relief print compared to all of the other ones I've done (6 x 8 is the largest), but I would need a bigger press.  (All of you guys in the print world should know how crazy expensive presses are!!!!!) Luckily, my dad supports me and is a handy man, and has offered to build one for me!!!! I am super excited and when that is done I can print my Phantom design.  You all will love it! I have showed the sketch to a close friend of mine and Phantom fanatic and he approves so I'm sure you will too.

Still working on a new sketch that will be another silkscreen and when I have it done I'll post a picture here so check back in a few weeks!