I am starting a blog so that everyone can be up to date on events that I will be showing and selling my work as well as giving sneak peeks at upcoming prints that are work in progress.

Let's get started!!!

For everyone living in the Orange County area (as well as those who don't but are willing to make the drive) I will be selling work in Yorba Linda Saturday June 25th as part of an art festival (don't remember the actual name of the event haha).  It will be held on Main St which is just off of Imperial Highway across the street from the Mimi's Cafe.  I will be there from 5pm-11pm so don't be shy and come on over!!!!

For those of you who saw me at Anaheim's art crawl in May I will be there again in August and will have some new work as well!

For all of my avid convention attendees like me I am looking into joining the many other artists selling work at the Long Beach Comic Con in September.  An artist I was talking to at this year's Wonder Con suggested that I should give it a try so I will!!

Sadly I have news for those of you who are fans of Tightrope Rose (the Haunted Mansion parody print) and the mermaid print.  I am all sold out those prints.  I cannot reprint the Tightrope Rose because I printed it during my school days and had access to more advanced tech that I don't have now that I am no longer in school.  Fortunately, I can re-print the mermaid but I misplaced the lino block it was printed from when I was moving back home from school.  When I do find it I will let you know and start printing a second edition.

I believe that is all of the updates that I have for you.  I am in the process of coming up with another silkscreen design, so check back later this month for more updates!!!!